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#FebPhotoADay Day 27 – Something You Ate

Day 9 of my juice fast. I’m not even liking the taste of the juice right now, so I barely drank any today. I mostly had water. Anyway, this is the extent of what I “ate”. I had a few sips of this, and a few sips of a green vegetable-based juice. Color me depressed (and starving). I don’t know how much longer I can do this.


#FebPhotoADay Day 26 – Night

The previous post, as well as this one, are dedicated to my city, Detroit. This is the overpass at Telegraph Rd and I-96. The oncoming traffic (the white light streaks) are cars exiting Detroit and entering Redford.

#FebPhotoADay Day 25 – Green

#FebPhotoADay Day 24 – Inside Your Bathroom Cabinet

#FebPhotoADay Day 23 – Your Shoes

Just got these yesterday for work. It was a struggle. I just wanted some cheap shoes to wear to work, and I struggled to find anything in my size. So, I call this photo: Big Feet Woes.

#FebPhotoADay Day 22 – Where You Work

I didn’t work at my day job this day, but even if I did, I still consider this my true work, so I would have taken this photo regardless. It’s probably my least favorite photo out of the month so far. I don’t know. It’s a little too over-processed, and I could have put in more work creating better light so that each individual photo was better. It’s difficult to get a cell phone photo without noise, but it’s possible. Anyway, I shot those 4 shots with my iPhone 4s camera, and processed them in Instagram and Stitched.

#FebPhotoADay Day 21 – A Fave Photo Of You

I’ve sucked with getting these on my blog as of late, but oh well. They make it here eventually. Anyway, I really like(d) what I did with this shot. I liked the original shot, but I think the surreal effect I gave to it is pretty dope. I don’t think I’ve encountered anyone who likes it as much as I do, but we all have our personal favorites, and this is one of mine.