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#FebPhotoADay Day 27 – Something You Ate

Day 9 of my juice fast. I’m not even liking the taste of the juice right now, so I barely drank any today. I mostly had water. Anyway, this is the extent of what I “ate”. I had a few sips of this, and a few sips of a green vegetable-based juice. Color me depressed (and starving). I don’t know how much longer I can do this.


#FebPhotoADay Day 18 – Drink

These items in my fridge are now all my “drinks”. They help make that grotesque looking green juice in the bottle. More on that later ……………………. #TeamJuicersNShit

#FebPhotoADay Day 16 – Something New

It got to about 10pm, and I still had no clue what I was going to photograph this day. All I knew was that I was drinking that night (I don’t even remember why, probably just because I didn’t have to work the next day). It took all the way until I got to the liquor store to realize that if I just bought something I’d never had, it would qualify as “something new”. So here we are, Absolut Wild Tea vodka. I didn’t particularly care for it. Overly sweet vodka isn’t my cup of tea. This is obviously a cell phone shot, processed in Instagram.

#FebPhotoADay Day 6 – Dinner

Corned beef and swiss sandwich from Bread Basket. I have to admit, the ONLY  reason I got this is because I knew it would photograph well. I knew that no one would want to see a photo of my usual dinner – a frozen Lean Cuisine meal. lol