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#FebPhotoADay Day 20 – Handwriting

Nowhere in the topic description does it say it has to be MY handwriting. 🙂


#FebPhotoADay Day 14 – Heart

Very apropos on Valentine’s Day, is it not? I felt significantly better today; and, if I had a great idea in mind, I felt well enough to take my gear out and get my first pro-grade shot in a few days. However, as if he knew that my theme for the day was “Heart”, my son brought this home from daycare. Immediately, I knew I would use it in my photo for today. The only thing staged in this photo is the placement of the letter magnets. It was already going on the fridge. I’m so proud of him – coloring inside the lines and whatnot. He did a great job. My big boy!

Tomorrow’s theme is “phone”. I don’t have an idea for this yet, but hopefully I can come up with something different/creative, as has been my goal with this project all month.

#FebPhotoADay Day 13 – Blue

Yes, this photo is staged. Sue me. lol I do what I have to do for the sake of art. I wanted a photo for today that was based upon something other than the COLOR blue, so I told my son to make a sad face. Just like reality TV, reality photography can be scripted as well. 🙂 If this photo were NOT staged, trust me, it’d be UGLY. He has a very gnarly cry face. lol

#FebPhotoADay Day 3 – Hands

For more info on the project, head here… https://michaellacombe.wordpress.com/2012/01/30/a-new-photo-a-day-challenge/

#FebPhotoADay Day 1 – Your View For Today

This is the view I had upon greeting my son after daycare and cupcakes. 🙂 Click to enlarge. (Highly recommended!)

For more info on the project, head here: https://michaellacombe.wordpress.com/2012/01/30/a-new-photo-a-day-challenge/

Oh, That Child Of Mine!

He is becoming a long and lanky little man child! And those eyes? They become more expressive by the day. He won’t shut up. His vocabulary expands by the hour. He sings all of the songs from the Kidz Bop commercials. This is my son at 3 years old, and I couldn’t possibly love anything or anyone more than I love him.


He Loves His Daddy!


Isn’t it obvious? 🙂