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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week S/S 2012 – Project Runway: Anthony Ryan


With the final contestants determined for the Project Runway finale, I figured it’s about time I start cranking out photos from the Project Runway show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. There are 4 contestants left on the show, but the remaining 9 designers that were still on Project Runway when #MBFW took place all showed their individual collections during the runway show.

The show opened with Michael Kors, Heidi Klum, and Nina Garcia coming out and posing for photos for the media, as you see above. Afterward, Michael and Nina took their seats, and Heidi started the show.

Before I start showing photos from Project Runway contestant, Anthony Ryan, let me first give a little bit of background. When I first became interested in photography, I read book after book, and website after website. Once I started shooting, I realized there was only so much that one could learn from books. You have to get out there and shoot.

My second realization was that I could be a better photographer if I understood modeling better. So in order to supplement the shooting I was already doing, I decided to start watching America’s Next Top Model – much to the chagrin of my male friends. lol While ANTM at this point seems to primarily be little more than an over-the-top reality show, I’ve still learned a great deal from it in regard to what I as a photographer should expect from a model. I’ve also learned what I should WANT as a photographer, and from the model. Most importantly, I learned a lot about fashion photography.

As I shot fashion shows around Detroit, I started to really enjoy fashion photography. I started researching fashion photographers, reading fashion magazines, and attending/shooting more and more shows. Once I realized that fashion photography seemed to really be striking a chord with me, I became concerned. I knew nothing of fashion. Nothing. So, just as I did when I realized I didn’t know enough about modeling, I decided to (in addition to my customary reading) pick up a fashion-related reality show. So, that is how I began watching Project Runway.

I respect creativity a great deal. I feel it is the aspect of photography in which I am the weakest. This is unfortunate, seeing as how (in my opinion), it’s probably the most important aspect. This is why I respect the designers on Project Runway so much. Yes, week in and week out, some of the designers have sent out their models wearing the clothing equivalent of a flaming bag of shit. However, each and every one of them is an extremely creative individual. I respect their ability to find inspiration, and create a design from scratch -especially when someone else is telling them what their design has to revolve around. I respect them, even when their final product is bad.

Back to the show. The Project Runway show was my first show of #MBFW. As you may recall from a previous post, there were “issues” getting to New York in time, and I missed my entire first day. I heard that the Project Runway show was one of the hardest to get into, and even though I had confirmation, I still struggled to get in. For some reason, I wasn’t on the list. Thankfully, I had my invite and the phone number to the PR rep, and she was of the utmost assistance and was able to get me in. Unfortunately, I did get in late, and was forced to shoot from the side of the risers (as would be the norm for the duration of #MBFW for me).

Seeing as how this was my first show, I was in something of a panic. I didn’t know what to expect. At all. The Project Runway show certainly was not a blueprint for what to expect during the week. It was a long show, with 9 designers, each speaking before their portion of the show began. I basically had to learn on the fly. I had to figure out my camera settings, get an idea for how the show(s) would progress, and generally just work around the fact that everything that took place was new to me – all while trying to make sure I got good shots. (Forgive me if this is poorly written. It’s 12:30 am, and I’ve been up since 3 am. I’m really tired, but I want to knock this post out before I go to sleep.)

I said all that in order to say this: My thoughts on what I saw during the show, greatly differ from my thoughts now. There were a million different things going on, and I wasn’t really able to pay attention to the actual runway show. Now that I’ve spent all these hours working on these images, my thoughts on what I saw from the individual designers has changed as well.

I’ve finished working on 6 of the 9 sets of images, and so far, Anthony Ryan’s are my favorite. It seems clear to me that he was cut from the show too early. Although, I can’t say definitively that I would have kept him over any of the remaining 4 because, right now, the remaining 4 are my top 4. Additionally, I have yet to view my photos from 3 of the remaining 4 designers. So I may end up liking all 3 of those collections more than Anthony Ryan’s. Nevertheless, I find this to be a strong collection from head to toe.

All of the designs are fresh. You won’t see anyone walking around wearing these clothes right now. Anthony Ryan’s designs remind me of my approach to photographing fashion. Fashion is fresh. It’s ever-changing. It’s progressive and cutting-edge. When done right, there is nothing “typical” about it. That is how I like to shoot it – with a fresh and different perspective. I want to show fashion in a way that people are not accustoming to seeing it, and a lot of Anthony Ryan’s designs look very new to me. Of course, I’m new to fashion as well, but that’s why it’s so awesome that art is subjective. I can like it, you can hate it, and your opinion will remain meaningless to me. 🙂

I also love how the models were styled. From their hair, to their makeup, to their accessories, right down to the blue paint on their right wrists (which I absolutely love!) … I think Anthony Ryan totally killed it. The entire collection screams originality, and I as I love to say, I fux with that. I fux with originality and creativity. That’s all for now. Check back with me DAILY over the course of the next few days for images from the other designers. Ciao!


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