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*Grabs Crotch* A Tribute to the Great Michael Jackson…

I’m frequently grabbing my crotch, but this time, I’m grabbing it for ANOTHER reason! I recently got to attend the performance of a Michael Jackson tribute band down at the Magic Bag in Ferndale. Apparently, this band travels the country, performing all of Michael’s hits, as well as some of his Jackson 5 material as well. They have two “Michael’s” who alternate sets, and a live band plays Michael’s music.

Let me start by saying, had I not been shooting, I’d have been dancing my ass off!! This band was AWESOME!!! They kept the crowd hype, and their renditions of Michael’s hits were spectacular. While no one can hope to ever recreate Michael Jackson’s genius, these guys did a damn good job!

The name of the band is Who’s Bad, and here’s their website http://www.whosbadmusic.com/ Be sure to check them out if they’re ever in your city!



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