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Art X Detroit Opening Reception

*In my DJ Pauly D voice* OH YEAH!!!! Good music, good drinks, and an amped-up art-loving crowd definitely makes for a good time! The jam-packed opening reception to Art X Detroit provided all that and then some.

Throughout the course of the night, I met all kinds of cool people (including some of the featured artists), and as usual, ran into some familiar faces. The young lady in the purple pictured below is responsible for all the paintings behind her!

I also ran into a friend of mine, Brian Rhodes. I met him at one of my best friend’s weddings (he was the best man), and I continue to run into Brian at any art-related event. Quite the popular fellow, he seems to know EVERYONE that I know. It’s a shame that, apparently, he’s completely bat shit. lol

Just kidding, he’s semi-normal.

The band was dope, too. There was  a lot of great music, and the lighting setup on stage provided some  nice photos.

Art X Detroit is off to a running start. Check out some more pics, and I’ll get with you guys tomorrow with images from the Sean Blackman concert at Fishbone’s. Live music FTW!!


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