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Complex Grand Opening

Recently, I had the pleasure of shooting the grand opening of a new store in Birmingham called Complex. They seem to offer a variety of high-end knick knacks: books, clothes, paintings, etc. Here’s an example of the sort of merchandise they offer: I spotted a book of works by photographer Helmut Newton and thought “This massive book seems expensive, but whenever I have a couple hundred bucks saved up, I’ll get it.” Once I got home, I looked the book up on Amazon. Apparently, it’s the most expensive book ever produced. $15,000. Yup. $15,000. I don’t know if that’s how much Complex is selling it for, but you get the point.

The store had a nice layout, and two floors. For the party, the basement level was empty and only housed the food and alcohol. I imagine there will be merchandise down there as well at some point, if there is not already.

The crowd seemed pretty upscale, but everyone was really nice and willing to pose for a picture. There was free food (none of which I had) and free drinks (many of which I had, lol). It was definitely a good time, and I look forward to checking out the store during its normal business hours. Check out a few pics, and I’ll get with you guys tomorrow with pics from Vodka Vodka!


There was also a celeb sighting! Natalie Martinez from Detroit 1-8-7 was in the building!


And one of my adoring fans wanted to take a picture with me. I couldn’t resist. I’m not one of those photographers who is shy about being in front of the camera as well. 🙂


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