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Just Watchin TV…

I’ve decided to attempt to shoot more often, regardless of whether or not it’s a paying job. I’m probably not going to jump into a Project 365-type commitment, but I am going to ATTEMPT to shoot as often as possible. I may or may not post the pics on this blog. I don’t want to have daily posts just for the sake of having daily posts. I want the posts to mean something. I also appear to be on the cusp of getting some regular freelance work as well, so that could consume some of the time that would otherwise be used for casual shooting.

Anyway, this morning, I caught my son on the floor watching TV. He was on his stomach, and had his chin in his hand, and his legs kicking back and forth. He looked like a miniature adult. I thought, “This looks like a cool capture.” So, I tried to capture him at the most interesting angle that I could. The light was deplorable, and when photographing infants/toddlers doing cute shit, time is of the essence. I shot wide open and bumped up my ISO. Even then, I only got a 1/4 shutter speed, and he was rocking back and forth. So, the image isn’t as crisp as I would like. Still, it’s a cute picture, so I figured I’d post it. I may or may not have something different in store for tomorrow…


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