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Masking My Depression

I have to be honest, I haven’t been in the best of moods lately. I alluded to some of my issues in my return post (about 2 posts down), but that’s just the tip of my mental-turmoil iceberg. I’ve always believed that a  good way to cheer up is to do something you love. For me, this was a combination of alcohol and photography. lol So don’t let the smile fool you, I’m not in very good spirits (no pun intended!).  Having said that, I think this image turned out pretty good, and I did minimal retouching on it. It’s basically straight out of the camera, save for a few contrast adjustments and sharpening. I haven’t done an artificially lit self portrait in a while, and I think it helped.  After a good day today, and some time to think (while I was comatose), I’m feeling quite better. I took some time to come up with some ideas and plot some plans/strategies. It’s always good to have goals, but it’s great to be able to envision the path you will take to reach them.


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