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Did You Miss Me?

Well, as you can tell by the date attached to my last post, it’s been quite a while since I’ve blogged. I think it’s time I revamped the blog, as well. I’m not necessarily talking about the visual look of the blog. I want to change it stylistically. Before, I was using it as just another medium in which to post my Project 365 images. In case it isn’t obvious, I’ve abandoned the 365 (more on that later), but I don’t want to abandon the blog. So I’m thinking that in lieu of daily image posts, I’m going to post less often, but the posts will be a combination of writing and images.

Where do I begin? Let’s start with the Project 365. As a budding photographer, I was plagued with a lot of self doubt. Most of this self doubt revolved around what I perceived to be a lack of creativity. The purpose of the Project 365 was to put my creativity to the test. The brain is a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it gets. So the Project 365 was my Bowflex, and the right side of my brain was starting a 365-day workout regimen. About halfway through the project, it became less fun and more of a burden, and I didn’t want to connect any sort of negative thoughts to photography. This, combined with my move back to Michigan, led to the ending of the Project. Also, I had gained some confidence in my ability as a photographer, and I think I came up with some pretty creative images. Wouldn’t you agree?

Since I moved back to Michigan, things have been going … “less than stellar.” I haven’t booked many shoots, and I have yet to find a 9-5 job. A large part of why I was OK with coming back to Michigan was that, for a number of reasons I won’t go into right now, it presented a great deal of opportunity – opportunity that has yet to be realized.  A 9-5 job would go a long way in helping me head in the direction I want to go, but this job search has proved to be FAR more difficult than I expected. I think my concerns about my current life situation have also sapped my energy and motivation. I find myself shooting far less, and I have to constantly remind myself that I do photography for the love of photography, not for the money. Just because I’m not doing a paid job, does not mean that I should not be shooting. While I have been shooting far less (and that WILL change), I still have managed to capture some images of which I am quite proud. (Shout out to Elton Anderson of Elton Anderson Photography for giving me the opportunity to join him on the shoot that produced the following image. I appreciated the shit out of that. I really did. His Twitter is @L10 . Follow him.) I also plan on posting the Twitter name of anyone who I mention in this post and future blog posts. Why? I’m just a nice fuckin guy.

Recently, I was a groomsman in the wedding of a very close friend of mine, @JGRAMMAR . I decided to bring some of my gear, just so I could snap some pictures for my personal collection to help aid me in remembering the wedding (since alcohol has killed my brain cells). I ended up getting some great stuff, and those wedding pictures turned out to be a huge networking success for me. I only wish I had brought some of my business cards to the reception!

I also had a shoot with local hip-hop artists (and friends) Jaydun (@JAYDUNAVIATOR )and Rufio Jones (@RufioJones ) that turned out some pretty strong images, if I do say so myself. 🙂

Then of course, there are always going to be the obligatory images of my heart and my best buddy, my son.  He’s not on Twitter. 🙂

Hopefully a shift in focus back to the love of photography (as well as a returned focus toward this blog) will lead to my becoming a better photographer, and coincidentally more bookings. 🙂 Things aren’t going well, and I don’t believe in cliches, but it’s true that it is always darkest before the dawn – and I’m in need of a flashlight right now.

So, you all can expect to hear from me more often, and if you’re not already following me on Twitter. You owe it to yourself to do.



2 responses

  1. Amazing images. I believe things will turn around for you real soon.

    September 4, 2010 at 9:37 PM

  2. Mike, Keep your eye on the prize. Right now, finding a job is a job & a difficult one to be successful at for most people. Don’t feel singled out (if you do).

    Success is right around the corner & it will happen as soon as your not expecting it.

    In terms of your photography, it was fun looking at your 365 project, perhaps picking it back up & revamping it will be a stress relief.

    Im just saying.

    September 20, 2010 at 3:20 PM

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