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Project 365 – Day 82: Regrets & Self Doubt

Well the basic idea revolves around the idea of regrets and self doubt. Basically, it’s all the things I COULD have been, asking me what happened. It’s a combination of regret for my past decisions, and some self doubt.

With that said, I *think* this will be the last time I utilize the multiple/composites technique. It had a great run, but I think I’ve worn it out. Additionally, this image sort of uses it in, what I feel, is probably the best way possible for me. So I think after yesterday and today, barring some sort of great idea, I’ll let this technique go out on top.

SB-600 into 43″ reflective umbrella, VERY high and camera right, at 1/4 power. No blue gel. White balance was just set in camera to “light bulb.”


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