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Project 365 – Day 77: I AM IRON MAN!!

Got this uber-cool Iron Man mask at Target in Culver City for $8. WIN!

Tough shot to pull off today for a few reasons. My family and are spending the weekend in Santa Monica for my son’s birthday, so I packed up all my gear – at least I thought I did. I forgot my umbrella clamp, my tripod, and my snoots. But a Project is a Project, and I had to make due.

I set the camera on top of the hotel room microwave (those are the hotel room drapes in the background). And I had to use a human light stand. 🙂 Throw in some heavy duty editing, and I actually came away with something similar to what I had envisioned.

SB-600 on human light stand, camera left, 1/16 power, set to 85mm.


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