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Project 365 – Day 64: It’s So Cold In The D

I posted my Day 63 shot MINUTES before midnight PST. I found myself unable to sleep afterward, so I decided to make an attempt at getting my Day 64 shot just after midnight. I don”t know exactly what kind of look I was going for here, but it looks kind of cool. lol I’m not even in Detroit anymore, but I miss my home, so I dedicated this pic to it.

Most photogs like warm shots – throwing CTO gels on their lights and whatnot. Not me. I like cold shots – blues, depression, etc. I had a few shots where I was creating smoke by breathing really hard, but I didn’t like the overall composition in those shots, so I went with this one. Most of the editing was done in Lightroom, with a tad bit done in Photoshop (I believe only sharpening).

I changed the white balance to tungsten, but did not gel the flash. The flash is at the top of the stairs, camera right, up and pointed down. It’s at 1/16 power, shooting through a 43″ white umbrella. My aperture was at 1.4 on the camera.


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