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Project 365 – Day 62: Suave At Night

Well this was fun! This is my first self portrait outdoors at night (so far). I don’t know how Dustin Diaz it. I dealt with far less obstacles than he did, and I still got frustrated.

Anyway, I had a DUH! moment during this little venture. I had everything set up fine, but had my aperture at f/8, which of course created a long shutter speed. I had GREAT difficult staying completely still for 10 seconds. lol Eventually I said “Instead of trying to reduce motion blur, I’ll create it for effect.” So I did that, and created a nice shot that I was going to use. Then, literally as I walked in the door, I thought “DUH! If I open up my aperture and kick up my ISO, I can get a faster shutter speed.” So I switched lenses to my 50mm f/1.4, put it at 1.4, turned the ISO up to 400 (that’s about as high as I’ll put it on a D90, there’s visible noise at 640), and I got a shutter speed of 1/5 or 1/6. That was sufficient enough for me to freeze myself – but I still felt MIGHTY stupid for spending so much time doing it the wrong way. lol

I set the white balance on my camera to tungsten and threw a 1/2 CTB gel on the flash. The flash is camera left, at 1/64th power (I believe). With the lens at 1.4, I had to reduce the power significantly.

Strobist Side Note: Why the is the Nikon CLS system so bad outdoors? I’ve seen guys, including Joe McNally, swear by it. I think he’s full of it. (Nikon puts money in McNally’s pocket, so he shills for them.) I felt like I had to tape my flash to the camera to get it to work.


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