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Project 365 – Day 55: That Guy Gives Me The Creeps!

I’ve seen a lot of people doing the half-face portraits, and I wanted to try one as well. But I haven’t seen anyone do one with another “self” ALSO in the picture. So I figured I’d give it a shot (pun intended). I took this after midnight, so technically it also qualifies as my picture for the day. I guess I wanted to get it out of the way since I almost forgot to do a shot for yesterday.

I had my SB-600 on the floor behind me, facing the wall at 1/2 power, to create the pure white background. I also pumped my ISO up slightly to 400. Since I knew it wouldn’t create a nasty shadow behind me, I actually used my pop up flash for the fill! So it served two purposes: fill for the face, and to trigger the SB-600 via CLS. I believe for the foreground picture, I had the pop up at 1/8, and it was at 1/4 for the background shot. Whatever it was, the pop up flash was a stop higher for the background pic than it was for the foreground one.


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