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Project 365 – Day 42: Product Placement 2 (The Greatest Invention Known To Mankind)

Now THIS was HAAAAAAAAARD. It took HOURS for me to get this right. I spent most of that time trying to get this shot using the same setup I used for yesterday’s shot – basically swapping the white for black. I got some great exposures of the box and tile (that’s the reflective surface – black granite tile), but I kept getting a gray background because it kept getting contaminated by light.

I don’t know which light source was the problem, but I would wager that it was the light that reflected off of the tile. Anyway, after several dozen attempts and many hours lost, I couldn’t get a shot I liked of both the phone/tile AND the background.

Finally, I decided to move the tile out of the box I used for yesterday’s shot, and put it out in the open – several feet in front of the black backdrop I’ve used for some of my recent self portraits. That worked.

I lit the left side of the phone with an SB-600 on a manfrotto stand about 5 ft away, at 1/4 power, 24mm. I put a big white bounce “card” (it was a piece of poster board) on the camera right side of the phone to reflect some of that light onto the “iPhone 3GS” part. The camera settings were f/5.6, 1/250, ISO 200.

I didn’t just buy the phone. I’ve actually saved the box all this time. It’s that awesome. lol


2 responses

  1. Nice! I need to work on my product photography. I need to do some DIY on black!

    February 14, 2010 at 12:45 PM

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