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Project 365 – Day 25: Industrial “HDR”


Let me start by saying that I set out to create an HDR image early this morning (it’s about 3:30 am right now). For those that don’t know, HDR stands for “high dynamic range.” Basically, it’s a technique in which you take several shots at different exposures, and combine them into one image that accurately conveys all the various tones in the scene. It can allow you to show detail in the light areas (the highlights) and the dark areas (the shadows), all in one image.

I *sort of* succeeded in doing that, but it turned out that I liked this version better. The HDR image was VERY similar to this one, and were I better at editing an HDR image, I probably could have produced one superior to this. This image, however, is merely one of the shots used in the HDR image, with a little help from Photoshop.

While I’m very proud of this image, and I’ve appreciated all the positive feedback I’ve received here, on Facebook, and on Twitter in response to my landscape-esque images – I’m going to try to focus more on portraits for the time being. They’re not as glamorous as nighttime light streaks or splashing milk, but those shots were easy. I’m trying to perfect my lighting technique and I want to be the best portrait photographer I can be, so I’m going to try to improve in that area for the time being. Pardon my lengthy diatribe. 🙂


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